Barbie Gynecologist Ending Explained: How The Movie Went Towards the Conclusion

Barbie Gynecologist Ending Explained: How The Movie Went Towards the Conclusion

With the Barbie movie being the biggest box office hit in the world of 2023, fans are curious to know about what actually happened at the end of the movie, where Barbie was visiting a gynecologist. Well, here we will explain to you what actually went down with the scene.

Barbie has caused some serious thought processes and thinking after its release where fans are forced to think about the role of women in society in the normal world, which, when compared to Barbie Land, seems so bad. Well, the ending of the film is very detailed, where Greta Gerwig, the director of the film, wanted us to send a message. It all ends with the Barbies outsmarting the Kens on the day of the election.

They were trying to take over the whole place since Ryan Gosling’s Ken decided to introduce patriarchy from the real world here and brainwash all the Barbies into thinking that they just want to serve their Kens. Lucky for the stereotypical Barbie who found a way to stop this nuisance from spreading with Allan, Ken’s best friend, who also wanted things to return to the way they were.

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After Gloria and Sasha come to Barbie Land and the former delivers the speech about how tough it is to be a woman, the Barbies, who were brainwashed, actually snap back into their original forms.

Barbie Gynecologist Ending Explained
A still from the Barbie movie – (Credits: Warner Bros)

How Do the Barbies Save Barbieland?

Thus, the group kidnaps one Barbie after the other, pretending to be brainwashed but actually have come back to their realities in order to fool the Kens. They then plot a plan to beat Kens at their own game by using patriarchy and male ego.

Barbie infuses a war between Ryan’s Ken and Simu’s Ken, as does the other Barbies who show interest in other Kens as well apart from their own because they are only a distant girlfriend, so it shouldn’t matter anyway.

But it actually does, and the Kens get angry with each other and start a war. While they are fighting over an insanely cool song, the Barbies go back to their President’s House and vote for Barbie Land. The President is elected again, and their place gets secure. By the time Kens realized what day it was, the deed had already been done, and the Ken Macho house was also gone.

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Ken breaks down in front of Barbie, talking about he was not even into patriarchy once he learned that it was not about horses anymore. Barbie tries to make him realize that he is not just Ken but Kenough, and so are the rest of the Kens. Also, the land becomes more exclusive by including weird Barbie and the other Kens in their home.

Later, we see Ruth Handler approaching Barbie and giving her a choice to become a human or continue in her Barbie Land. Barbie chooses to go to the real world and live with Gloria. She now wants to be a real person with a definite end.

We saw Ruth explaining that when she created Barbie, her main aim was to create a doll that lives on forever. But this stereotypical Barbie wants to have an end. Coming to the most confusing part of the story, here is what happened.

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Barbie Gynecologist Ending Explained

Barbie is seen living with Gloria and Sasha and her husband in their home. In the last scene, we see them dropping her off somewhere and congratulating her.

We think it’s a job interview because she now will need to eat for obvious reasons, but it turns out it is a Gynecologist appointment. Barbie is now Barbara Handler, but why did she visit a gynecologist? The only possible explanation we could think of is the fact that Barbie is now human.

Previously, she did not have the reproductive parts as described by her to the men in the real world. But now that she is a human, she does. The way that everyone was excited for her because she had never seen or got her privates checked, and thus, it was a brand new experience for her as a human.

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