Average Joe Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Average Joe Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Average Joe is a new comedy-drama with an intense plot with so much fun to it. However, here we shall see about Average Joe Episode 8’s release date, spoilers, and more. Joe Washington is a blue-collar plumber who comes to know so many secrets about his deceased father.

His father used to live a life away from his people, a second life! There he stole millions of dollars from not-so-safe people, and a few days after that, he died. Now, those people have their eye on Joe and think he’s the one who knows where his father is.

Joining Average Joe’s cast is Deon Cole as Joe Washington, Malcolm Barrett as Leon Montgomery, Ashley Olivia Fisher as Jennifer Washington, Michael Trucco as Benjamin “Touch” Tuchawuski, Pasha Lychnikoff as Nicolai Dzhugashvili, Tammy Townsend as Angela Washington, & Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Cathy Montgomery.

How To Watch Average Joe Season 1?
Deon Cole as Joe Washington (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

Thus, Joe’s simple life with just friends & family changes to a deadly one & it’s worth watching. So, without further halt, let’s see everything about Average Joe Episode 8. Let’s go!

Average Joe Episode 7 Recap

Average Joe Episode 7 was themed “Prisoners.” Pam and Touch come in front of each other & Pan finally confesses. Pam was on a hunt to know more about Joe and Nicolai, and for that, she even put drugs ahead of a chained-up. We also saw Joe and Nicolai having some negotiations.

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Meanwhile, Touch also felt guilt for his negligence and confessed if he had responded differently, maybe Donna wouldn’t have shot her mother years ago. Further, Joe couldn’t be happy with his victory for long. Then, we saw Angela, who was also struggling for her life.

Average Joe Episode 8 Preview

Average Joe Episode 8 is titled “Ride or Die” and will be out very soon. This episode will feature Joe and Leon leading further in search of Nicolai’s base & will they be successful? We need to wait for the episode to release.

However, during their search, Jennifer finds out that Nicolai is going to have the baby, and for that, she’ll be flying to Russia. This episode will have some confessions too! Remember Pam’s mom, Gladys, and she has a secret.

She reveals that it was Nicolai who ordered her to kill her partner if she wanted to save her daughter from Nicolai.

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Average Joe Episode 8 Release Date

The comedy thriller Average Joe Season 1 will be releasing yet another fun episode very soon. Average Joe Episode 8, titled “Ride or Die,” is scheduled to release on Thursday, August 3, 2023, in the US on BET+ Network exclusively.

Each episode of Average Joe runs for approximately an hour. Moreover, Average Joe Season 1 will have ten episodes in total. Other than the pilot episode, Average Joe’s episodes will be released every week on Thursday.

You can take a look at Average Joe’s trailer if you haven’t started the series yet.

How To Watch Average Joe Season 1?

As mentioned above, Average Joe will release an episode every Thursday in the United States exclusively on BET+ at 3:00 AM ET/12:00 am PT. However, the BET+ network is available in the US only, so other regions need to have a reliable VPN.

Check out further the release time for Average Joe’s episodes for International fans.

  • For the viewers in the United Kingdom: 07:00 AM GMT on Thursday
  • For the viewers in Canada: 04:30 AM NT on Thursday
  • For the viewers in India: 12:30 PM IST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in Australia: 05:00 PM AEST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in Korea: 04:00 PM KST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in Japan: 04:00 PM JST on Thursday
  • For the viewers in the Philippines: 03:00 PM PHT on Thursday
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Other than the original network, Average Joe is also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with a free trial too. Further, the episodes for this comedy-drama will also be available on platforms like Sling TV, FuboTV, and DIRECTV.

As we stated, Average Joe Season 1 will have its finale after this episode is released. I hope you’re looking forward to every episode. Hence, this is all we know about Average Joe Episode 8. Happy streaming!

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