Astral Pet Store Chapter 96 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Read Online

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Read Online

Welcome to the enchanting world of “Astral Pet Store,” a beloved Japanese manga that has captured the hearts of readers with its captivating storytelling and fantastical creatures. In episode 96, the latest installment of this thrilling series, we find our young protagonist, Hiroshi, on a quest to unlock the secrets of the Star Phoenix, a rare and powerful creature.

As Hiroshi ventures deeper into the astral realm, he must confront formidable challenges and face his own inner demons. But before we dive into this exciting episode, let’s take a moment to recap the exhilarating events of the previous volume, where Hiroshi and his companions embarked on a perilous journey through the Forbidden Forest.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96 Spoiler

The release date for episode 96 is just around the corner, promising readers another enthralling chapter filled with adventure, mystery, and the bonds of friendship. Get ready to be transported to a world where magic and wonder abound, as “Astral Pet Store” continues to captivate readers and ignite their imaginations.

Previously on Astral Pet Store Chapter 95: Recap

Chapter 95 begins with the much-awaited 52nd Global Elite League held at the Longjiang base City Trials. With all the excitement and cheers in the atmosphere, the contestants are welcomed.

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The rules of the League are then announced; primaries get divided into 30 arenas at the same time due to a large number of contestants. Then the energy shield of the arena and the forcefield are activated.

The competition begins, and the first topic is the Swarm Knockout. The rules are simple; survive the Swarm of phantom butterflies whose sting is enough to paralyze any individual. The time limit is 6 hours.

All the contestants are paranoid and many seem to already give up as Swarm butterflies are of level 5. While on the other hand, the Vice President of Jianlan college, Zhou Yunchan, stays with Ye Hao to support him and show him how much he admires Ye Hao. He also offers Ye Hao if he wants to join his school as a gold mentor but Ye Hao is concentrating on nothing but the game.

Another rule gets added to the first match, and that is those who hurt the grass flower will also be disqualified from the match. The game is surely exciting to watch, but there are visible contestants showing amazing skills and techniques in order to avoid the Swarm of butterflies.

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As the Swarm of butterflies reproduces quickly and is difficult to fight against, even seventh-grade contestants find it difficult to stay put together for 6 continuous hours.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96 Spoiler

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96: What To Expect From The Upcoming Chapter?

As the 52nd Global Elite League has just begun, we will surely get to see the competition for the next few chapters continuously. There are 30 more arenas where the match has been held simultaneously; meaning, a lot more fun matches and deathly competition leading to just one winner. This really is the race for the fittest.

In the next episode, we could expect to see some more high-leveled pet battles. Before that, we will also see how many of the 1000 contestants stay on their feet at the end of the first 6 hours of the Swarm Knockout challenge. How many do you think will survive the first round of phantom butterflies? Let us know your predictions in the comment section.

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The match is surely going to be tough and fierce. Everyone is passionate and has a burning desire to win the championship and be known as a legend. The wait for the League is now over and it will surely keep us all fans and readers hooked without letting us down.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96: Release Date

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96 Spoiler

Chapter 96 of the manga will make its debut on April 9, 2023, according to the Beijing Timezone. Take note of the specific release dates for different regions below:

  • Beijing Time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Japanese Standard time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Indian Standard Time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Korean Standard time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Central European Time: April 8, 2023, Saturday
  • New York: April 8, 2023, Saturday
  • Australian Capital Territory: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Eastern Indonesian Time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Singapore Standard Time: April 9, 2023, Sunday
  • Pacific time: April 8, 2023, Saturday
  • Eastern European Time: April 8, 2023, Saturday
  • Philippines Standard Time: April 9, 2023, Sunday

Astral Pet Store Chapter 96: Where To Read?

WebNovel has been consistently updating and publishing a new episode or chapter every Sunday. Additionally, they offer a light novel edition based on the same manhua, allowing readers to delve deeper into the story.

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