Antonio Díaz and the Magic of ‘El Mago Pop’: Broadway’s Spellbinding Sensation

Antonio Díaz and the Magic of ‘El Mago Pop’: Broadway’s Spellbinding Sensation

Antonio Díaz Cascajosa, famous by his stage name El Mago Pop was born in  Badia del Vallès, Barcelona, in 1986. He is a Spanish illusionist and started exhibiting his shows at the age of 17 in Spanish theatres. He performed several shows like Dreams, The Night Abbozzi, and The Amazing Story of Mr. Snow, and now he has come up with The Great Illusion.

The Great Illusion premiere occurred in December 2013 at the Teatre Borràs in Barcelona; it then moved to the Teatre Coliseum. By the end of 2014, it moved to Madrid’s Gran Vía. It was then relocated in April 2015 to the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona.

The show was performed at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid from September 2015 to April 2016. The show The Great Illusion came to an end at the Starlite Festival in July 2017, with a record of being seen by more than 800.000 audiences within three years.

He created the new Nada Es Imposible in September 2017, which premiered at the Rialto Theater in Madrid. Antonio Díaz made an announcement in 2018 that his goal is to take his show Nada es Imposible to Broadway.

And in 2016, he earned more than 250 million euros, making him the highest-grossing artist in Spain and the highest-grossing illusionist in Europe.

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Netflix premiered ‘Magic for Humans’ with El Mago Pop On March 26, 2021, and since October 2021, Netflix has started streaming The Great Illusion.

El Mago Pop’ Makes History with Enchanting Broadway Debut

Illusionist Antonio Díaz, aka ‘El Mago Pop,’ is set to make history with his highly anticipated Broadway debut at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre beginning August 17. This marks the first time a production from Spain has graced the iconic Broadway stage, a testament to Díaz’s incredible success and popularity both in Europe and around the world.

Antonio Díaz fell in love with magic at a young age, idolizing local magicians and legendary illusionist David Copperfield, whom he credits as his biggest inspiration. Magic, for Díaz, symbolizes the belief that everything is possible, an enchanting sensation he aims to share with his audience.

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With his unique blend of close-up magic and mind-boggling illusions, Díaz has entertained over 2 million theatergoers in Spain over the past five years, making him the highest-grossing European illusionist in the world.

Antonio Díaz Cascajosa
“Broadway’s Spellbinding Sensation: Antonio Díaz and the Magic of ‘El Mago Pop’ (Credits: Casena SER)

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Antonio Díaz’s Journey of Enchantment

For Díaz, performing on Broadway has been a lifelong aspiration; now, at 37 years old, his dream will come true. In his first-ever interview in America, he expressed his excitement, calling this opportunity on Broadway “very special” and a “life-altering experience” he will cherish forever.

Preparing for the grand Broadway debut was no small feat. Díaz spent months refining his show at the Branson Magic Theater in Missouri, the largest theatre in the state.

He purchased the 2,800-seat property to serve as his American headquarters, adding to his ownership of the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona. With infectious enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Díaz worked tirelessly to perfect every aspect of the show, aiming to astonish and surprise his Broadway audience.

A Show Like No Other: Unraveling the Mystery of ‘El Mago Pop’”

Beyond his excellent tricks and illusions, learning English was one of the challenges faced by Diaz. He dedicated several months to mastering the language with the help of a great teacher and immersing himself in American culture by watching the hit series “Friends” multiple times. With plenty of practice, Díaz’s English has become more fluent, to make sure that he gives a mesmerizing show to the audience.

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Broadway Debut: Spain’s First-Ever Production Takes Center Stage

As the first-ever production from Spain to grace the Broadway stage, Díaz’s accomplishment is a result of the power of dreams and determination. His show, ‘El Mago Pop,’ takes audiences on an extraordinary journey filled with surprise, fantasy, and emotion, reminding us of all the dreams and illusions that shape our lives.

Although his Broadway engagement is limited, Díaz has dreams of returning for a long-term run. He wants to share his passion for magic with audiences in America and around the world. With his Netflix shows, “Magic for Humans” and “La Gran Ilusion,” reaching millions in nearly 200 countries, Antonio Díaz, the ‘El Mago Pop,’ rose to a global sensation.

Antonio Díaz Cascajosa
El Mago Pop’ Makes History with Enchanting Broadway Debut (Credits: Murcia Plaza)

Experience the Wonder of ‘El Mago Pop

In the words of Antonio Díaz, “Sometimes, the impossible happens.” Don’t miss the chance to witness the extraordinary magic of ‘El Mago Pop’ on Broadway from August 17 for a strictly limited two-week engagement. Tickets for this enchanting experience are now available at

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