8 you got me fucked up meaning Advanced Guide

8 you got me fucked up meaning Advanced Guide

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Acronyms by Dictionary.com [1]

Acronyms dictionary GMFU or gmfu [jee-em-ef-yoo] October 19, 2018 What does GMFU mean? GMFU is an internet slang acronym that means got me fucked up. It’s used when something has you all out of sorts and feeling a lot of feels, usually negative ones
The internet popularized the acronym GMFU on the model of other acronyms like GTFO, or get the fuck out, and STFU, or shut the fuck up. GMFU made its Urban Dictionary debut by 2009, so it likely emerged in the mid- to late-2000s
This helped them avoid using the explicit fuck in titles, though the lyrics don’t shy away from the full-on got me fucked up. No doubt the music got people using the acronym more, especially on social media

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GMFU / Got Me Fucked Up [2]

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GMFU, also known as You GMFU or Got Me All Fucked Up, is an acronym and slang term that stands for the phrase “you got me fucked up.” The catchphrase is commonly employed to express one’s reaction to something, often conveying negative feelings about something, but it’s also used to say that someone has been misunderstood or misread. The slang term was popularized and received viral usage on the internet after 2016, though the phrase has been somewhat common since the 1990s.
In more recent years, the acronym “GMFU” was used as the title for various songs by artists in the 2010s, including Keke Palmer (2016), Adrian Marcel (2017) and DC the Don (2018). Palmer’s track, in particular, was uploaded to her YouTube[4] VEVO page on November 23rd, 2016, where it gathered over 1.7 million plays in over six years (seen below).

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Slang Define: What is You Got Me Fucked Up? [3]

friend:i thought you liked big girls so I brought her with me.. (at mcdonalds drive thru and they messed your order up for the fourth time)
yiggle my diggle is another ariation of shizzle my nizzle…dats bout it yal 2bh yiggle my diggle higgle—suck my dick biatch das big..

You got me fucked up meaning [4]

– What is another way of saying “you got me fucked up”? – Quora.. – I accidentally got my sister pregnant and we aren’t telling..
– What is the ‘Dab Me Up’ Meme? Meaning explained! – HITC.. – Fucked Up meaning with examples (slang) – MyEnglishT.
– If Your Partner Ever Says These 20 Things, You Should Break Up.. – 11 Pager Codes That You Need To Know – BuzzFeed News.

you got me fucked up translation in Spanish [5]

|Better have them bottles ready If not, bitch, you got me fucked up. ||Ve preparando las botellas Si no, zorra, me has jodido
||Intento pillar Joder Esta mierda no me coloca Mi colega conoce al camello Pero está colocado Zorra, me has jodido. |I ain’t who you thinking you got me fucked up, it’s not what you think.

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You got me fucked up. [6]

I am trying to find an equivalent or similar phrase in Spanish, can you all give me some examples in Spanish to be able to understand it clearly, please. Estoy buscando una frase equivalente de “You got me fucked up” pero en español, especialmente en español Mexicano, de antemano gracias

GloRilla – GMFU Lyrics [7]

Yeah, you bitches got me fucked up, fucked up (With they weak ass). They know they got GloRilla fucked up (Fuck you mean)
Don’t fear none of you bitches, better know you gettin’ touched up. Thinkin’ that we soft, lil’ bitch gon’ fuck around, get roughed up
Blow it in his face and tell a nigga ass to puff up. They know they got me fucked up, please don’t get me pumped up

you got me fucked up [8]

friend:i thought you liked big girls so i brought her with me.. (at mcdonalds drive thru and they messed your order up for the fourth time)
phrase that one says when he/she is stunned or awed by another person your girl is wearing the most beautiful dress ever guy- you got me lost for words. a1-did you see dat girl lanaika? oh ma god! a2-she h-lla bootsy! she got me messed up! e1-b-tch! e2-h-ll no, b-tch! you got me messed up!
dawg you got me trippin on everythang about this chick… who is she we gone get her. to have some minor physical imperfection (usually resulting from carelessness) improved or corrected by someone else; esp

you got me fucked up meaning
8 you got me fucked up meaning Advanced Guide


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