23 shoes on power lines meaning drugs Quick Guide

23 shoes on power lines meaning drugs Quick Guide

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Shoe tossing [1]

Shoe-tossing, also known as shoefiti, is the act of using footwear as a projectile in a number of folk sports and cultural practices. Shoe-tossing entails throwing a pair of laced shoes onto raised wires, such as telephone wires and power lines, or tree branches, creating “shoe trees”.[1][2]
Many cultural variations exist and differences abound between socioeconomic areas and age groups. In some cultures, shoes are flung as part of a rite of passage, like to commemorate the end of a school year or a forthcoming marriage.
William Schumann, played by Woody Harrelson, who has purportedly been shot down behind enemy lines in Albania.[5]. Shoe-tossing may be a form of bullying, where a bully steals a pair of shoes and tosses them where they are unlikely to be retrieved.[3] Shoe tossing has also been explained as a practical joke played on drunks who wake up to find their shoes missing.

If You See Shoes on a Power Line, This Is What It Means [2]

If You See Shoes on a Power Line, This Is What It Means. Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a chain? No, wait—it’s a pair of shoes on a power line
But like colorful beads on trees, it seems that wherever you see one, you’re likely to see many. While there’s some consensus about what those beads mean (it’s a Mardi Gras tradition), there’s quite a bit of disagreement when it comes to what shoes on a power line actually mean
In other words, unlike colored balls on power lines, metal wrapped around a tree, balls on cruise ships and the occasional painted purple fence post—all of which serve very specific purposes—the shoes you see hanging from power lines may be a product of our “monkey see, monkey do” mentality. That said, what Demarco’s theory doesn’t necessarily account for is that first pair: How did it get there? And why?

Shoes On Power Lines – What Does It Mean? [3]

Growing up in the city, I came across shoes hanging on power lines very often. Like many people, I always wondered where they came from
I can bet that most people in major cities also have the same questions that I do.. The city of Chicago keeps track of the pairs of shoes that people hang over the telephone or electric wires
The shoes range from gym shoes to cowboy boots and everything in between.. Shoes hanging on power lines is a common occurrence in major cities, but knowing the exact reason behind it has proved a little bit difficult

Ever Seen Shoes On Power Lines? Here’s Why. [4]

On The Line Ever Seen Shoes On Power Lines? Here’s What It Means. You’re likely to see shoes thrown over power lines in just about every city around the world
But what do all of these suspended sneakers mean? Much to some people’s dismay, there’s no general consensus on the origin of hanging shoes, because there’s actually more than one answer as to what shoes on power lines means.. One of the most commonly believed reasons shoes are thrown over power lines is to signal the location of a crack house or prime drug dealing spot
In fact, the city of Los Angeles underwent a massive shoe removal process in 2003 when residents expressed their concern that the shoes indicated “sites at which drugs are sold or worse yet, gang turf.” Mayor James Hahn addressed the community, stating that overhead shoes would no longer be tolerated.. Chicago has also experienced quite an issue with shoes clogging up power lines

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Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging from power lines? [5]

Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging from power lines?. The question of “why are shoes hanging by the laces from power lines?”has popped up a number of times, we decided to do a little research.
After getting a new pair of runners, it was a common ritual to tie the shoelaces of your old pair together and throw them up over the telephone wires, now electricity lines.. What else are you going to do with your old pair of runners?
ETSA Utilitiesý General Manager Business Relations, Craig Cock, says “In recent weeks our line crews have had to be deployed to removing shoes which have been thrown onto power lines in the Adelaide metropolitan area.. “Throwing objects at power lines can cause sparks, stress on lines, damage to conductors and cause power interruptions

Shoes on a Wire: Untangling an Urban Myth [6]

The curiosity about shoes hanging on power lines is practically ubiquitous. Our questioner, Matt Latourette, saw them all the time growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s in Chicago’s Belmont Central neighborhood
What’s with all the gym shoes hanging from power lines?. Strangely enough, the city actually keeps track of how many pairs of Chicago shoes get hauled over electric or telephone wires
(Similar requests, by the way, have sought to remove everything from a pair of hanging cowboy boots to a stranded rubber ducky.). Clearly, gym-shoes hanging on a wire is something that happens

Urban Dictionary: shoes on a wire [7]

Places where you see shoes that are thrown on a telephone wire indicate drug houses or places where you can purchase drugs.. Footwear hanging from an overhead wire by the laces
Supposedly signals a location where drugs can be purchased; also symbolizes pointlessness i.e. there is no good reason for the object (shoes) being there
“Once in awhile I’ll spot shoes on a wire and it sparks my curiosity and I’ll chuckle.”. This can because of gang violence or drive byes; it’s a misconception that it’s a sign for drugs

Do shoes over electricity lines mean drug den nearby? [8]

I was teased by friends for my lack of knowledge on M-rated topics. I knew nothing, so people went out of their way to “educate” me
“You know what that means?” she pointed up to the pair of sopping wet grey Vans.. They hang the shoes over the electricity lines to let people know you can buy drugs there.”
What does a drug den look like? I had no idea, but we were on Ross Road in Queanbeyan, and the house looked dodgy as hell.. In the years since, I’ve always been the first to notice such an instance

What Does it Really Mean When You See Shoes Hanging from a Telephone Wire? [9]

If you live an urban area, you’ve probably come across a pair of shoes dangling from telephone wire at some point or another. In fact, the act of “shoe tossing” – in which shoes are tied together by their laces and thrown across power lines – is considered by some to be a folk sport
Urban folklore offers a variety of explanations, but these stories differ from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. A few weeks ago, my friend, a foreign exchange student from Korea, noticed a pair of sneakers dangling above her head and asked our group of friends why they were there
Apparently, the shoes indicate sites where they are sold.. Aside from my one friend, everyone within the group – all of whom are long time New Yorkers – knew this, which struck me as strange

People Throw Shoes On Power Lines: Why? [10]

The story behind the shoes hung on power lines will be revealed in the article below. You can easily see many sneakers for teens and tennis shoes on power lines when riding your car over the country
One of the most explanations for shoes over wires meaning is related to drug activity. According to this explanation, the question “why do people hang shoes on power lines?” can be answered that “It is the signal of drugs in the neighborhood.” This means the drug deals can happen where the shoes are thrown on power lines
Another reason attributed to the shoes over wires is the mark of gang territory. This reason has the origin from New York City, which tells that each gang has a distinctive color and such color’s shoes hung on the lines means the respective gang locates there

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Shoes on a Power Line, The Hidden and Sometimes Sinister Meaning [11]

Shoes on a Power Line, The Hidden and Sometimes Sinister Meaning. That line could be electrical or a communications line or a wire that serves some other purpose but it probably wasn’t designed to hold a pair of shoes.
In fact, some of the shoes that I have seen dangling from power lines are worth quite a bit of money. Or, they were before they were flung into the air and wrapped around a wire carrying enough electrical current to knock the shoes right off you.
The most common reason is simply this, “monkey see, monkey do”. Yeah, most shoes are tossed onto power lines because someone else already threw some shoes on the power line.

Shoes over power lines – a prank or something more sinister? [12]

Mystery surrounds the presence of shoes and trainers over power and telephone lines across various locations in Bury St Edmunds.. The incidents have baffled residents of the attractive Suffolk town, with footwear appearing on overhead cables in places such as Mustow Street, Northgate Street, Fornham Road, Mildenhall Road and Hardwick Lane.
One common held belief is that shoes over power lines indicate drug dealing territories.. While others believe the act of dangling shoes is purely trivial and is done as a prank.
Suffolk police said they are aware of the incidents but do not believe the shoes are “indicative of drug dealing or other criminality”.. Locality inspector for Bury St Edmunds Matt Paisley said police are working to remove the shoes.

Why do people hang shoes on electricity wires? [13]

Elon Musk thinking about creating a new social media platform. USA softens its approach with Putin: We are not looking for regime change in Russia
The number of theories that have been established, trying to give meaning to the shoes hanging from the electricity wires, have increased its legend and mysticism. Clashing gangs, death, drugs, violence, celebration, why are they hung and what is the origin?
The citizens of the suburbs saw pairs and pairs of trainers hanging from the electrical wiring and could not understand why.. In the United States, the cities where this practice could be seen most frequently were New York and Chicago, especially in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, which saw the birth of organised gangs and gangs.

Why Do People Put Shoes On Power Lines Meaning? Still Mystery? [14]

Why do people put shoes on the power lines? [Explained]. Disclaimer: The information is provided for general information purposes only
Have you ever wondered what does it mean when you see sneakers hanging from power lines? and kind of felt like what does hanging shoes mean? is it something going on with that methodology? What is the reason for shoes on power lines?. Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry !! I’m here to explain everything about why do people put shoes on power lines?
In my personal experience I’ve seen shoe hanging on the wires in many places and I also asked people what does that mean than some said I did it to enojy my victory or some said It was just a fun.. But there must be more reason for this incident right?

The real reason shoes are often placed on overhead wires in Australia [15]

Revealed: The real reason shoes are often placed on overhead wires in Australia – and it might be a sign to move out. – Art student Christine Abadir uploaded a Tik Tok video addressing the question
– There have been many different reasons for the nation-wide phenomenon. An art student has claimed to have solved the mystery behind why shoes are hung over electricity lines in Australia.
‘Foreigners in Australia: Why do you guys have shoes on your power lines?’ Ms Abadir asked her followers.. The video began with footage of a pair of runners hanging from telephone lines on a suburban street in Mount Druitt, west of Sydney

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What is the meaning of flinging shoes over power lines? [16]

The shoes hanging from the corner of Austin and Palestine streets in Jacksonville haven’t been there long. But shoe-flinging – the practice of throwing old tennis shoes over power lines – has been around a long time, police chief Reece Daniel says.
Daniel discounts the prevailing notion that tennis shoes dangling from power lines mark the location of houses where drugs can be purchased. Or that they mark the spot where gang members have been killed
“I suppose there are as many reasons as there are people who throw them over the power lines,” the chief said.. He also cautioned that people seeking to remove shoes from overhead power or phone lines should contact the appropriate utility company to perform the task.

Swinging shoes mean I remember you [17]

The sight of aged shoes tied together by their laces and hanging from powerlines is becoming commonplace in the streets of Auckland and other parts of the country.. It is not a new phenomenon, but the number of shoes – usually old-style basketball boots called Chuck Taylors – seems to be increasing.
The shoes most often dangle on lines stretching across streets, and are frequently placed outside the homes of their owners.. In January, two mates from Grey Lynn hung a pair of shoes to remind them of a mate who moved to Australia.
But in January they threw up a pair of holey Chuck Taylors, and these had more significance.. The shoes belonged to their good friend David Lea, and the boys say his shoes, now hanging outside Koni’s home, are in memory of him.

Do Sneakers Hanging from Power Lines Carry a Secret Message? [18]

All across the United States, you’ll encounter discarded shoes hanging from wires, poles, and trees. Theories as to what these shoes signify abound, but, contrary to what one hears, there’s no one right answer.
– It’s the work of gangs marking the boundaries of their territory.. – Bullies take them off defenseless kids, then sling them up out of reach as the ultimate taunt.
– Crack dealers festoon wires to advertise their presence in the neighborhood.. – The shoes increase wire visibility for low-flying aircraft.

Shoes dangle from wires overhead all over Toronto. What does it mean? [19]

The mystery hangs above our streets, as much a part of the cityscape as pigeons and litter, but tangled up in urban myth: those sneakers dangling from overhead wires.. Less nefarious theories say the shoes celebrate pending marriages or the loss of one’s virginity.
“I mean, why would you put up a sign saying basically, ‘Hey police, we’re here. Margetson has worked undercover as a drug user in search of crack cocaine
He suspects the hanging-shoe phenomenon is simply the handiwork of troublemakers with too much time and too much footwear. Everyone seems to have their own reading of their meaning, however, so the Star tracked down four pairs of gravity-defying shoes in Toronto and asked: What does it mean?

Neighbors concerned about the meaning of shoes on a powerline [20]

Neighbors concerned about the meaning of shoes on a powerline. Shoes on a powerline, do you know what that means? Some users of the Nextdoor app in Fargo say they’re concerned it may mean gang or drug activity in their neighborhood.
One person asked about it on the neighborhood website Nextdoor.. “I’ve read that this could mean gang activity or drugs are being dealt there
“There is a number of different meanings for what it is,” said Fargo Police Deputy Chief Joe Anderson. “I think in this case people can believe what they want, but we have to look at what the criminal intelligence is telling us

What They Say Up There Is Who’s Down Here [21]

CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL stood on a Bronx sidewalk and said that all told, he owned about 18 pairs of sneakers. Strung along a thick black wire across the street, a few dozen pairs of athletic shoes dangled by their laces about 25 feet above the ground for which they are manufactured
They hang over the block like a rubber-soled welcome banner, Size 8 greetings from East 170th Street.. Six pairs belong to Christopher, one of a dozen teenagers in the neighborhood who have spent months — years in some cases — tossing their old, not-so-old and expensive footwear onto the wire
“We really don’t care who likes it or not,” he said. Shoes-on-wires are a tradition as old as the notion of hanging utility lines on poles

Why Do People Throw Shoes on Power Lines? [22]

Why do people throw shoes on power lines? No doubt you’ve heard the myth that throwing shoes on power lines is an act of bullying. This happens when a bully takes the victim’s pair of shoes and tosses them where they’ll never be able to get them back
There’s more than one answer to the question, “Why do people throw shoes on power lines?”. According to many theories, the meaning of sneakers on power lines depends on where you are in the world
Meanwhile, others believe that hanging sneakers means someone has passed away.. Here are a few reasons we’ve gathered on why people throw shoes on power lines.

Long Beach is tired of waiting for shoes to drop [23]

If you look up, you might spot them hanging from telephone wires and power lines by their shoelaces.. Some people say the suspended sneakers, high-tops and boots mark a place where drugs are sold
Others insist throwing shoes tied together by their laces over a wire is just a kid’s prank, an effort to leave a mark that’s as pointless as sticking gum under a table.. No matter why they’re there, so-called shoefiti isn’t exactly a welcome-to-the-neighborhood message.
To that end, city leaders this week requested a system to remove shoes from utility lines within 72 hours.. Look what it does to community, to property values,” said Councilman Dee Andrews, who sponsored the motion

shoes on power lines meaning drugs
23 shoes on power lines meaning drugs Quick Guide


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