20 how to hide cursor on obs Quick Guide

20 how to hide cursor on obs Quick Guide

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2023 [3 Easy Steps] How To Hide The Cursor In OBS Studio [1]

[3 Easy Steps] How to Hide The Cursor in OBS Studio. Want to hide the cursor on your recordings or live streams? It’s pretty easy to do and can make editing your video later far easier! How you hide your cursor is identical from source to source, but I’ve listed them all out so that skim readers can quickly find the answer they are looking for.
Still, there is one situation where you cannot, and that is capturing via a capture card using the Video capture device source. This means that if you utilize a dedicated streaming PC to handle your encoding, then you will be unable to hide your cursor.
If you are in this situation, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll put in that bit of info.. The display capture source is the way to capture applications that don’t work with Game capture or window capture methods.

Question / Help – How to hide cursor in window capture [2]

hello , i want to hide cursor in window capturing , there is no function of it in the properties when creating it. With some type of windows, it’s not possible to hide the mouse pointer
Try putting the window you wanna capture in the other display (just dont put it in the same display where you use your OBS). In that way, your mouse will less likely to be captured
:)With some type of windows, it’s not possible to hide the mouse pointer. Be happy: in previous OBS releases, it wasn’t possible to capture these types of windows at all.

[3 Easy Steps] How to Hide The Cursor in OBS Studio [3]

Want to hide the cursor on your recordings or live streams? It’s pretty easy to do and can make editing your video later far easier! How you hide your cursor is identical from source to source, but I’ve listed them all out so that skim readers can quickly find the answer they are looking for.. Most capture methods in OBS Studio allow hiding your cursor from the source
This means that if you utilize a dedicated streaming PC to handle your encoding, then you will be unable to hide your cursor.. There are, of course, workarounds to this, but those tend to be somewhat complicated and are beyond the scope of this article at this time
The display capture source is the way to capture applications that don’t work with Game capture or window capture methods.. – Right-Click your Display Capture Source in the Sources Dock

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Dive into anything [4]

Guide screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/aBUTQaE. If you’ve ever recorded VR footage, you’ve probably been there: watching your footage afterwards and noticing the mouse cursor hanging out on the screen all through the video.
But thankfully it looks like OBS has a setting that prevents it from recording the mouse cursor. In OBS, right click your video source, select Properties, and untick “Capture cursor”

&nocursor [5]

This does not hide the mouse cursor for Chrome-based screen capture, as Chrome does not yet support that. This feature is designed for hiding the mouse when using the Electron Capture app, to avoid mousing over the capture area by accident.
If you’re looking to hide the cursor while screen-recording, consider using OBS to capture and OBS Virtual Cam as the source into VDO.Ninja. You can also check out: https://github.com/rdp/screen-capture-recorder-to-video-windows-free as an option to turn a screen into a virtual camera without needing OBS.

How to Hide Mouse Cursor on Windows 10 [6]

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How to hide Mouse Obs [7]

How To Hide Mouse Cursor In OBS! (Disable Mouse Cursor) | OBS Tutorial. How To Hide Mouse Cursor In OBS! (Disable Mouse Cursor) | OBS Tutorial
How to Hide Your Mouse Cursor in OBS! Hide Mouse Cursor on Stream! Remove Mouse Cursor in OBS!. HOW TO HIDE MOUSE CURSOR OBS | STREAMLABS OBS FOR RECORDING|GAMERS
How To Hide Cursor In OBS Studio 2017 (QUICK & EASY) – How To Hide Mouse In OBS. How To Hide Cursor In OBS Studio – How To Hide /show +Mouse In OBS

Window Capture [8]

(With Aero on, this will only capture the window itself, and not any windows on top. With aero off, it will capture windows on top, this is a windows design limitation)
Select the Size of your screen region by resizing the white rectangle to your liking.. Specified how much to smooth out the edges chroma keyed color

Hiding mouse cursor? :: Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Discussões gerais [9]

简体中文 (Chinês simplificado) 繁體中文 (Chinês tradicional) 日本語 (Japonês) 한국어 (Coreano) ไทย (Tailandês) Български (Búlgaro) Čeština (Tcheco) Dansk (Dinamarquês) Deutsch (Alemão) English (Inglês) Español-España (Espanhol — Espanha) Español-Latinoamérica (Espanhol — América Latina) Ελληνικά (Grego) Français (Francês) Italiano (Italiano) Magyar (Húngaro) Nederlands (Holandês) Norsk (Norueguês) Polski (Polonês) Português (Portugal) Română (Romeno) Русский (Russo) Suomi (Finlandês) Svenska (Sueco) Türkçe (Turco) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamita) Українська (Ucraniano) Relatar um problema com a tradução. but I use shadowplay and, unfortunately, it doesn’t have that option..
You should head over to the Uber forums and ask for some tips. https://forums.uberent.com/forums/videos-and-replays.98/
Also there is s video contest to get your video featured in the front page of PA.. https://forums.uberent.com/threads/pa-10th-video-contest-8-10-8-26.69443/

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Display Capture: disabling Show Cursor does not work · Issue #3961 · obsproject/obs-studio [10]

Display Capture: disabling Show Cursor does not work #3961. Display Capture: disabling Show Cursor does not work #3961
The API in question kCGDisplayStreamShowCursor in CGDisplayStreamCreateWithDispatchQueue.. Based on your comment, I tried a couple of possibilities like:
I guess it is a regression bug around null pointer vs false object (kCFBooleanFalse). I have reported a bug to Apple, and am waiting for the feedback.

Loading… [11]

The mouse cursor is completely invisible when OBS Studio is open, has an active Window Capture source and the game is in fullscreen mode. I know that Minecraft Java Edition and OBS aren’t a great combo in the first place, but it happens even when the game is not even being captured!!!! I even tried disabling the Screen Capture source and the issue still persisted
Also, should I report this on OBS’s Github page instead?. In OBS Studio, add a Window Capture source and start capturing any window
The mouse cursor stays visible (duh) (See attachment(s), named accordingly). The mouse cursor becomes invisible (See attachment(s), named accordingly)

How to Show/Hide Cursor on Discord Livestream [12]

One of Discord’s most popular features is the ability to share screens in any voice channel.. This feature is especially useful when you want to share your gameplay for your friends to enjoy or for other purposes like teaching someone how to use photoshop or helping someone troubleshoot and fix problems they might have with their computers.
Sometimes it is useful to have the cursor showing as it makes it easier for the audience to track your mouse’s movements while it can also be distracting.. Whichever reason you want to show/hide your cursor, this article will be helpful for you as we’ll be discussing different ways you can show/hide the mouse cursor on Discord live streams.
There are two ways to do this, which we’ll go over below.. Disabling “Use our Latest Technology to Capture your Screen”

How to Hide Mouse Cursor Windows 10 [13]

For as long as people have been using PCs and laptops, they have been using cursors and pointers as they are indispensable tools.. Who would like to hide the mouse cursor using Windows 10? They are used for interacting with the computer, but at times the user would want them to disappear.
When you haven’t used the screen for some time, then the cursor will disappear for a few seconds. However, there are other ways to hide the mouse cursor in Windows 10.
When you are watching a movie or a video, and the cursor appears on the screen, then tap on the period key of the keyboard.. However, if this trick doesn’t work, then there is something else that the user can do

How to Hide the Cursor in Bluestacks [14]

If you’re using BlueStacks to play Android games, you may find your cursor distracting or annoying. Fortunately, BlueStacks allows you to hide it from your screen in just a few clicks
If you’re interested in learning more about how to hide cursor in BlueStacks, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to customize your controls to make your experience even better.
– Once you’re in the game, press “F1” on your keyboard to hide your cursor.. Sometimes, you may notice the “F1” shortcut didn’t hide your cursor

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Solved: Hide Host Cursor During Webinar (or Zoom Meeting) [15]

You’re invited to Zoomtopia 2022! Our annual user conference will take place in the Americas on November 8-9 and in APAC, Japan, and EMEA on November 17.Learn more about our hybrid event experience. Everything you need to work together, all in one place.Explore Zoom One’s Collaboration Tools
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CGDisplayStream – how to hide cursor on MacOS in Swift? [16]

The application has been created using Swift Package Manager and is built with Swift 5.0.1 as a command-line tool.. As I want to render the cursor on viewer (client) side, I need to hide the cursor on server side.
func StreamDisplay(displayId: CGDirectDisplayID, width: Int, height: Int) -> CGDisplayStream?{ let queue = DispatchQueue(label: “label”) let displayStreamProps : [CFString : Any] = [ CGDisplayStream.showCursor: kCFBooleanFalse as Any ] return CGDisplayStream( dispatchQueueDisplay: displayId, outputWidth: width, outputHeight: height, pixelFormat: Int32(k32BGRAPixelFormat), properties: displayStreamProps as CFDictionary, queue: queue) }. Using the above, the cursor is still displayed as part of frame updates (MacOS 10.15.4).
However it has no effect when recording – the cursor is visible even when the checkbox is not checked.. Is there a known limitation in MacOS, are there any prerequisites for the application to control that setting, or does the code need to look different?

How To Hide Mouse Cursor in Windows 11 (Ultimate Guide) [17]

The first mouse cursor was debuted some 50 years ago by Douglas Engelbart. This was deemed to be the digital finger that helped users to utilize their way through computers.
Though this is not that popular some users do make use of custom images and icons as mouse cursors.. For as long as we know users have been using cursors and pointers on systems and laptops are they are indispensable tools.
It happens especially when we are watching our favorite series or movies on VLC or Netflix. When we don’t use the cursor for some time then it disappears for few seconds but in this article, we have discussed other ways to hide it in the new Microsoft Windows 11.

mouse pointer is not visible when playing game, when using both Vulcan and OBS. [18]

mouse pointer is not visible when playing game, when using both Vulcan and OBS.. I usually play with the Vulcan option, but when recording with OBS, the pointer disappears
I have not had another game using Vulcan to try it with, that I’m aware of.. In OBS there are several capture options, I’ve looked at some issues and troubleshootings people have had before with just OBS and it not capturing the mouse.

PowerToys Mouse utilities for Windows [19]

Mouse utilities is a collection of features that enhance mouse and cursor functionality on Windows. Double press the left Ctrl key or shake the mouse to activate a spotlight that focuses on the cursor’s position
If you move the mouse while the spotlight is active, the spotlight will dismiss on its own shortly after the mouse stops moving.. From the settings menu, the following options can be configured:
|Do not activate when Game Mode is on||Prevents the spotlight from being used when actively playing a game on the system.|. |Overlay opacity||The opacity of the spotlight backdrop

streaming with OBS [20]

if you’re streaming with OBS and you’re trying to use your veadotube mini avatar with it, this guide is for you!. in the Sources panel, press +, select Game Capture, optionally give it a name, and press OK.
you can check Allow transparency to automatically make the background transparent; this doesn’t work 100%, and you might still see a border around your avatar in the colour of the background; try changing the background colour in mini through the display settings button to something that looks better!. if Game Capture won’t work for you, you can use Window Capture instead.
if you can’t find veadotube mini in that list, try restarting OBS!. if you’re going through the Window Capture route, or if you don’t wanna use the transparency feature on Game Capture, you might wanna remove the background by using filters! to do so, right-click the game capture you just created, and select Filters.

how to hide cursor on obs
20 how to hide cursor on obs Quick Guide


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