20 can a narcissist be classified as a terrorist? Full Guide

20 can a narcissist be classified as a terrorist? Full Guide

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Can a Narcissist Change

Can a Narcissist Change
Can a Narcissist Change

Are Narcissists Evil? How to Find Out [1]

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Every time someone asks me, “Are narcissists evil,” on my blog or podcast, I hesitate before answering. I know my emotions will cloud my judgment after having dealt with several narcissists over the course of my life.
It’s unfair because the tendency to exploit, manipulate, or inflict harm on others depends on the type of narcissist you’re dealing with.. What I can say with some degree of certainty is not all narcissists are evil.

Narcissism and terrorism: how the personality disorder leads to deadly violence [2]

When Man Haron Monis, self-styled Islamic cleric, took 18 hostages in the Lindt cafe in Sydney, he declared himself to be a jihadist on behalf of Islamic State. But, in fact, Monis had no connection to the group; he had brought the wrong flag to his own siege, and demanded that police bring him the right one in exchange for releasing hostages.
He had no job but many debts, had lost custody of his children and faced a lengthy jail term. Seeking “power and influence”, he had even briefly joined a biker gang, but was rejected as too “weird”
Pretending to be an important cleric, in reality he was on bail for sordid crimes: as an accessory to his ex-wife’s murder and for multiple sexual assaults on women, committed while posing as a “spiritual healer”. He claimed to be a refugee fleeing persecution in Iran; it now seems likely he fled after embezzling money

Amazon.com [3]

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Using your mobile phone camera – scan the code below and download the Kindle app.. Rage: Narcissism, Patriarchy, and the Culture of Terrorism Hardcover – October 1, 2020
Friends, family, and strangers moved, walked, even stood as she herself had done earlier as a victim of domestic battery and abuse. Since then, Esman, a journalist who specializes in writing on terrorism and radicalization, has studied the connections between domestic abuse and terrorism and the forces that inspire both forms of violence

Are Narcissists More Likely to Support Terrorism? Exploring the Relationships Between Claiming Fake Religious Knowledge and Support for Violence, Peace, & Apathy. [4]

Are Narcissists More Likely to Support Terrorism? Exploring the Relationships Between Claiming Fake Religious Knowledge and Support for Violence, Peace, & Apathy.. AppendPDF Pro 5.5 Linux Kernel 2.6 64bit Oct 2 2014 Library 10.1.0
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The Psychology of Terrorism: Frustration-Aggression Theory, Narcissistic Rage Theory, the Authoritarian Personality and Some More Situations Alternatives [5]

The systematic study of the psychology of terrorism is beset with methodological problems. Most notably, we usually lack access to actual terrorists, as well as the expertise required to study them face to face
It might be questioned, of course, whether the study of terrorism – especially since 9/11 – has become disproportionate to the actual incidence of the phenomenon. After all, poverty and malnutrition kill millions more people every year than the few thousand who die in terrorist attacks, and terrorism is actually declining by some measures
Many approaches to the topic sidestep psychology altogether.[4] Nevertheless, this chapter contends that such approaches are essential, but that we will most likely learn more about the topic via the application of sociological or social psychological approaches than we will from traditional, individually-based ones. Terrorism is a group-based activity, and psychological understanding will therefore be furthered by approaches like groupthink or social identity theory which focus on the activity of collectivities, rather than just looking at terrorist leaders themselves

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Osama’s Narcissism by Eric Rosen [6]

“Muslims should kill Americans, civilians included, wherever they can. find them.” This is a quote by Osama bin Laden in 1998 that expresses his
considering he is not a royal ruler and he is not an official in any government.. Yet Osama bin Laden has control over thousands possibly millions of people all
different parts of the world? In order for someone to accomplish this near impossible. feat one must have rare psychological characteristics

What Collective Narcissism Does to Society [7]

In everyday settings, it can keep people from listening to one another. In 2005, the psychologist Agnieszka Golec de Zavala was researching extremist groups, trying to understand what leads people to commit acts of terrorist violence
At first, she thought it was a fringe phenomenon, but important nonetheless. She developed the Collective Narcissism Scale to measure the severity of group-narcissistic beliefs, including statements such as “My group deserves special treatment” and “I insist upon my group getting the respect that is due to it” with which respondents rate their agreement.
This thinking can happen in seemingly any kind of assemblage: a religious, political, gender, racial, or ethnic group, but also a sports team, club, or cult. Now, she said, she’s terrified at how widely she’s finding it manifested across the globe.

Narcissistic mortification [8]

Narcissistic mortification is “the primitive terror of self dissolution, triggered by the sudden exposure of one’s sense of a defective self … it is death by embarrassment”.[1] Narcissistic mortification is a term first used by Sigmund Freud in his last book, Moses and Monotheism,[2] with respect to early injuries to the ego/self
When narcissistic mortification is experienced for the first time, it may be defined as a sudden loss of control over external or internal reality, or both. This produces strong emotions of terror while at the same time narcissistic libido (also known as ego-libido) or destrudo is built up.[3] Narcissistic libido or ego-libido is the concentration of libido on the self
Early developments: Bergler, Anna Freud, and Eidelberg[edit]. Edmund Bergler developed the concept of narcissistic mortification in connection with early fantasies of omnipotence in the developing child, and with the fury provoked by the confrontations with reality that undermine his or her illusions.[4] For Bergler, “the narcissistic mortification suffered in this very early period continues to act as a stimulus throughout his life”.[5]

Joining a terrorist organisation and committing violence – what drives individuals? [9]

What drives an individual to want to join a terrorist organisation and commit acts of violence against innocent people? Drawing on studies across a range of terrorist groups, Saliha Metinsoy outlines some of the reasons that emerge. Among them, she highlights a disconnection from society on one hand and a search for solidarity on the other as being important in instigating a process of radicalisation.
And we can define a three-stage process through which individuals join terrorist organisations and commit violence. At the first stage, individuals join an organisation because of alienation from society and in an explicit search for group solidarity
At the final stage, they commit violence after a split of morality for in-group and out-group members (when violence against out-group members is legitimised).. Political and economic explanations of terrorism which focus on poverty and underdevelopment are extensively popular in the academic literature: excessive poverty in the absence of social security can incentivise individuals to join terrorist organisations

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Deadly combination: the psychiatric disorders that might have made Anders Breivik into a mass shooter [10]

Anders Behring Breivik is serving a long sentence for a terrible crime. On 22 July 2011, the 32-year-old Norwegian bombed government buildings in Oslo and then went on a shooting spree on the island of Utøya, killing 77 people
Why did Breivik kill? It is not as simple as saying that he was a terrorist supporting an idealised religion, or dismissing him as insane. He himself has claimed that his actions were to save Europe from radical Islam – and that he was motivated by “goodness not evil”
A “narcissistic decompensation” occurs when someone with a narcissistic personal disorder – a condition with which Breivik has been diagnosed – suffers from a major injury to their self-esteem. An “injury” can take many forms including rejection by one’s peer groups

What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect “rage” and “terror,” psychologists warn [11]

There is agreement among psychologists — and, for that matter, anyone who has been abused by narcissistic personalities — that President Donald Trump fits the psychological profile of a narcissist. What does that mean for the upcoming election, particularly if Trump loses, as polls suggest? Psychologists tell Salon that pathological narcissists who do not get their way tend to react abusively — which could lead to one of several devastating political scenarios for the nation in the election’s aftermath.
Lee, a psychiatrist who has taught at Yale and authored the new book “Profile of a Nation: Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul,” told Salon by email. “This is behavior, not a diagnosis — and the media need not fixate so much on ‘the Goldwater rule,’ which applies to only 6% of practicing mental health professionals (that is, members of the American Psychiatric Association, the only association in the world with this rule).”
“Those with pathological narcissism are abusive and dangerous because of their catastrophic neediness,” Lee explained. “Think of a drowning person gasping for air: a survival instinct just may push you down in order to save one’s own life

Who is a terrorist? Exploring the utility of interdisciplinary fields [12]

This paper aims to discuss the dilemma of terrorism as a political phenomenon that many political scientists care about; however, they find themselves incapable of explaining some of its aspects and they resort to other disciplines. The second part of the dilemma is related to the incapability of well-established disciplines to provide political scientists with much help
This research depends on the main theories of psychology and of social psychology and adopts a comparative approach to assess the effectiveness of both disciplines in providing political scientists with the knowledge they lack.. In spite of being a well-established and consolidated discipline, psychology is not the perfect discipline that can help political scientists know who a terrorist is
Moreover, social psychology developed the “terror management theory” which clarifies various aspects of the phenomenon.. This research paper calls the attention of scholars of terrorism to the importance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to understand the various aspects of a complex phenomenon such as terrorism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment [13]

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition. It affects a person’s sense of self-esteem, identity, and how they treat themselves and others
Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental health condition that affects how you view yourself and relate to others. Having NPD means you have an excessive need to impress others or feel important
NPD gets its name from Narcissus, a hunter from Greek mythology. According to the myth, Narcissus was so obsessed with his own beauty that he couldn’t stop looking at his reflection in a pool of water

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Guide for Providers at McLean Hospital [14]

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Basic Guide for Providers. A brief overview of identifying, diagnosing, and treating NPD – 4th edition, prepared by Elsa Ronningstam, PhD
It is the core of self-esteem and emotions, which influence the way one perceives and relates to others.. Normal narcissism involves a healthy, positive sense of self-worth and self-regard with self-acceptance, curiosity, and compassion, including pride and enjoyment.
This also promotes an ability to handle challenging situations; to tolerate both criticism and defeat, as well as self-conscious emotions, such as shame, envy, humiliation, frustration, and guilt.. Wished for ideals and attainable aspirations relate to a sense of agency, competence, responsibility, control, and inner mastering of thoughts, feelings, actions, and impulses

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The narcissist [15]

Analyst: Bin Laden needs limelight PHILADELPHIA — Osama bin Laden’s most recent video appearance shows that he is alive and well and as full of himself as ever, says a former CIA specialist on profiling terrorists.. Post, a psychiatrist who founded the CIA’s center for personality analysis and who has determined bin Laden as a “malignant narcissist,” said the video appearance on the eve of the U.S
“I think there was a certain aspect to it: ‘Don’t forget about me – I’m still here, alive and well,”‘ Post said in an interview before presenting a lecture on terrorism at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, co-sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia earlier this week.. Post and other terrorism experts noted that bin Laden appeared to be trying to present himself as a savior to a far broader audience of Muslims than he has in the past
“Bin Laden has a certain sense of vanit hubris in his mindset,” said Bruce Hoffman, director of the RAND Corporation’s Washington office. “He feels he has single-handedly changed the course of history.”

[Terrorist acting out, narcissism and psychopathology of identifications] [16]

[Terrorist acting out, narcissism and psychopathology of identifications]. [Terrorist acting out, narcissism and psychopathology of identifications]
From a psychoanalytical point of view, narcissistic positions tinged with cynicism and envy in particular are identified, on a background of a pathology of ideals and the melancholisation of the social link. This article looks back at the attack in Paris in January 2015 through statements taken from social discourse.
Female suicide bombers and burdensomeness.Psychol Rep. Penis envy: from childhood wish to developmental metaphor.J Am Psychoanal Assoc

Lessons From The Oslo Terrorist Attack [17]

The July 22, 2011 terrorist attacks in Oslo, Norway are a reminder that when it comes to terrorism, whether domestic or international, the cause may change, but little changes about the terrorists themselves. When we look at terrorists such as the accused Anders Behring Breivik, aka, Andrew Berwick, two prominent but significant personality features stand out that we see over and over: pathological narcissism and paranoia (Navarro 2004).
Pathological narcissism allows the individual to see themselves as special, entitled, unique, and distinct – larger than life. They see themselves as having a unique understanding of events and a purpose that others don’t have
They rigorously overvalue themselves and their ideas, while devaluing others and their beliefs with equal zeal.. Paranoia among solo terrorists is extremely high and it permeates and molds their thinking

The Moderating Effects of “Dark” Personality Traits and Message Vividness on the Persuasiveness of Terrorist Narrative Propaganda [18]

Volume 13 – 2022 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.779836. The Moderating Effects of “Dark” Personality Traits and Message Vividness on the Persuasiveness of Terrorist Narrative Propaganda
– 2Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London, London, United Kingdom. – 3Centre for Social Research and Methods, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia
This work has included research on the respective roles of individual psychological traits and responses to terrorist propaganda. Unfortunately, much of this work has looked at psychological traits and responses to propaganda individually and has not considered how these factors may interact

FRD — The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism [19]

The purpose of this study is to focus attention on the types of individuals and groups that are prone to terrorism (see Glossary) in an effort to help improve U.S. The emergence of amorphous and largely unknown terrorist individuals and groups operating independently (freelancers) and the new recruitment patterns of some groups, such as recruiting suicide commandos, female and child terrorists, and scientists capable of developing weapons of mass destruction, provide a measure of urgency to increasing our understanding of the psychological and sociological dynamics of terrorist groups and individuals
Second, the study seeks to develop psychological and sociological profiles of foreign terrorist individuals and selected groups to use as case studies in assessing trends, motivations, likely behavior, and actions that might deter such behavior, as well as reveal vulnerabilities that would aid in combating terrorist groups and individuals.. Because this survey is concerned not only with assessing the extensive literature on sociopsychological aspects of terrorism but also providing case studies of about a dozen terrorist groups, it is limited by time constraints and data availability in the amount of attention that it can give to the individual groups, let alone individual leaders or other members
A longer study, for example, would allow for the collection and study of the literature produced by each group in the form of autobiographies of former members, group communiqués and manifestos, news media interviews, and other resources. Much information about the terrorist mindset (see Glossary) and decision-making process can be gleaned from such sources

COL Terrorist or narcissist? [20]

Such was my thought as I listened to the recorded telephone conversation between the man who confessed to mowing down several people on the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill with an SUV and the 911 police dispatcher whom he called to report his crime.. The recording, which can be heard online (www.newsobserver.com/102/story/415421.html), is so earnestly deadpan that it sounds like a comedy skit
He estimates that he hit, oh, maybe 15 people, maybe fewer.. His tone is such that he might be reporting that the paint is now dry and the carpet installers can get started
You can sense her shock and her attempt to ground herself by getting the spelling right.. When the going gets weird, the weird might turn pro, but normal people turn super-normal.

can a narcissist be classified as a terrorist?
20 can a narcissist be classified as a terrorist? Full Guide


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