18 how to delete question on piazza Ultimate Guide

18 how to delete question on piazza Ultimate Guide

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18 how to delete question on piazza Ultimate Guide
18 how to delete question on piazza Ultimate Guide

Q&A – Students [1]

To share a link to a post, click on the link icon next to the post ID: Once you’ve copied a post URL to your clipboard, you’ll see a …. How to Follow and Unfollow a Post Follow a post by selecting the option on the drop-down menu
How to Mark a Post as a Favorite in Your Feed To mark a post as Favorite, click on the star icon: The post will display in the Favorites …. A Guide to Filtering the Posts in Your Feed Click the gear icon to view the filter options: Types of Filters Each type of filter will be indi…
To comment or post a followup question to a Q&A post, please click within the text box beneath the post that reads “Compose a new followup discussi…. Customizing the Color of Your Top Bar For those students who utilize Piazza for multiple courses, you can quickly and visually differentiate between your …

Instructors: Delete a Question or Note [2]

Only instructors (professors and TAs) are able to delete posts. The first way is to locate the post in the Q&A feed and select Delete from the dropdown menu:

Teaching and Learning with Piazza [3]

Do you see the same student questions over and over on email? Would you like to extend student discussion beyond the classroom? If so, Piazza can help. Read on for an overview of Piazza’s functions, recommendations for using it effectively, and videos on how to get started.
– Piazza supports organized online discussions and Q&A that students can access 24/7.. – Students can comment on answers or post follow-up inquiries.
– Instructors can respond to questions and endorse a student’s answer.. – There’s a LaTeX editor for equations and support for multimedia.

Dive into anything [4]

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TIL that only instructors and professors can delete posts on Piazza. which made for an interesting realization when my friend posted “damn it feels good to be a gangsta”

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How to delete your own answer? [5]

What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean?. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange
It only takes a minute to sign up.Sign up to join this community. What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean?

Michigan State University [6]

Piazza is currently a supported MSU tool for faculty to efficiently manage class Q&A. Students can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions
It aims to get high-quality answers to questions, fast. To add Piazza to your course, follow the steps below:
Below are a few examples of how you might use Piazza in your D2L Course:. – Ask questions! Ask questions on Piazza rather than emailing your instructor and TAs so everyone can benefit from the response.

Piazza / U-M Information and Technology Services [7]

Piazza is a web-based, collaborative, real-time, question-and-answer platform. Students can use it to ask questions and to contribute collaboratively to community-edited responses
Instructors can provide answers and endorsements for student contributions and can edit and delete any posted comments.. Piazza is integrated within Canvas and available to all U-M instructors free of charge
Instructors can add Piazza to their Canvas course site via the Navigation tab in the site Settings. Instructors can also add Piazza as an Assignment with External Tool type submission, or as a new Module item of the External Tool type

UBC Piazza Instructor Guide [8]

|Canvas Integration||Works in coordination with Canvas, but no grades are passed from Piazza to Canvas.|. |Privacy||Verified by UBC’s Privacy Impact Assessment process, provided you follow the additional steps noted below.|
You can use Piazza to facilitate student discussions:. – Supporting instruction between peers, wherein students can create and discuss topics and ideas with each other
– Creating an open learning environment where students can post anonymously. – Running polls to check student understanding of course concepts

Microsoft AppSource [9]

Piazza is an intuitive platform for instructors to efficiently manage class Q&A. Students can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions
Piazza is designed to simulate real class discussion. It aims to get high quality answers to difficult questions, fast! The name Piazza comes from the Italian word for plaza–a common city square where people can come together to share knowledge and ideas
With students teaching students, conversations on Piazza can continue long after office hours are over. Piazza gives students anonymity options to encourage everyone—even shy students—to ask and answer questions

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Piazza : TechWeb : Boston University [10]

Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among students and instructors in an efficient and intuitive manner.. On Piazza, students can ask questions, and instructors and fellow classmates can answer
At the time of posting a new question, students can select whether they want their question to be public (for the rest of the class to see), or private (for only instructors to see). Instructors can make public questions private and vice versa.
An instructor can edit a student’s question, the collaborative instructors’ answer, as well as the collaborative students’ answer. Questions also have a separate follow-up discussion section where follow on questions can be hashed out in a more unstructured manner as a thread

UW–⁠Madison Information Technology [11]

Piazza is a student-driven question and answer service that some instructors use for their courses. Students can collaboratively work on answers by adding, modifying or deleting content
The University of Wisconsin–Madison selected Piazza as an addition to the Learn@UW suite of teaching and learning technologies to complement existing tools in the Canvas learning management system (LMS).. More information about Piazza, updates, events and how to work with the Learn@UW–Madison learning technology consultants are available on the DoIT Academic Technology website.
– Wiki-style format allows for a single high-quality answer or discussion thread that users collectively build, so they can read one answer instead of combing through dozens of comments. – Instructors can choose whether to enable anonymous posts

Sakai Community Documentation [12]

– Essential Tips for Taking Online Tests in UVACollab. – Best Practices for Delivering Online Tests & Quizzes
– How do I create an assessment in Tests & Quizzes?. – How do I create a new assessment using markup text or cut and paste?
– How do I create a student audio response question?. – How do I create a survey – matrix of choices question?

PiazzaTips < ISG < TWiki [13]

Make sure that Instructor Self-signup and Posting Anonymously are disabled – the former disables students from becoming professors, and the latter allows you to see the authors of anonymous links. Set naming conventions for tags, and pre-make tags for each assignment, midterm, final, and various sections of your rubric
Before the semester begins, invite all professors, IAs and your ISC. Make sure they log on and set up a real name for themselves.
– Go to “Instructor” tab, and click on “Clone This Class” in the drop down menu.. – On the shown page, change the term and estimated enrollment (normally, either 200 or 800 depends on term).

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Piazza Posting [14]

It is 5% of your grade, and I think you will find it helpful.. You need to post regularly to earn the number of points needed for full participation credit
– Adding to the student response to improve the answer. – Editing the student response and adding a period or a space.
Or note that Codecheck is not working for you either. What is not good is to spend 15 minutes opening olds posts and making minor changes in hopes of earning points


Piazza is a question-and-answer platform designed to facilitate collaboration among students and instructors using a message-board platform. Instructors can answer questions, endorse student answers, and edit or delete any posted content.
Once it is enabled, you can create a course page in Piazza & get started using it. You can also download the Piazza app, allowing instructors, teaching assistants, and students to seamlessly communicate.
If you would like to skip these steps entirely, you may do so by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking ‘I’ll do this later, continue to class Q&A,’ although familiarizing yourself with these steps will help you in navigating the program for the first time. Here is a brief overview of these configuration steps and your options in them.

Apartments near Piazza Navona – WHITE HOUSING ROME [16]

The website whitehousingrome.it collects certain personal data of its visitors.. The Personal Data collected by this site, independently or through third parties, are: Cookies, Usage data, Name and Email.
They are not stored or stored in any database but used at the moment to be able to answer a question or question received via the contact form on this website.. Any use of Cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this site or by the owners of third party services used by this site, unless otherwise specified, has the purpose of identifying the User and recording their preferences for purposes
The User assumes responsibility for the Personal Data of third parties published or shared through this Site and guarantees to have the right to communicate or disseminate them, freeing the Owner from any liability to third parties.. Method and place of processing of the collected data

What is the Piazza tool? [17]

Piazza is a question and answer discussion board, where site participants have options to post privately to site administrators, respond anonymously and collaboratively edit anyone’s messages.. Note: For instructions to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?
– View editing history for a post and prevent future edits.. – Create groups to limit discussions to specific participants.
– Follow discussions and receive email notifications about new posts.. For more details about the features, see the Piazza Overview page (opens new window).

1.4. Piazza — Big Data Classes [18]

We use Piazza (https://piazza.com) because questions and answers on. by the students of the class and if needed an instructors’ answer that
not have to look through long e-mail threads but instead can look at the. For details that lead up to the answer you are highly
An advertisement video from Piazza summarizes the features:. Piazza Support with a lot of information is available at:

Piazza 2.6 – Reducing the Number of Duplicate Questions

Piazza 2.6 – Reducing the Number of Duplicate Questions
Piazza 2.6 – Reducing the Number of Duplicate Questions

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