15 pee like a russian racehorse meaning Full Guide

15 pee like a russian racehorse meaning Full Guide

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Why do you say :I have to pee like a Russian race horse? whats that mean? [1]

Piss like a horse……is an older expression, but not very common, from a time before the automobile when everyone knew about horses. Piss like a racehorse……urinated a lot and urgently
People saw the horses nervously peeing before a race. If a horse did this before the race it was an advantage since it could lose up to 10 pounds
The drug causes the animals to pee urgently and copiously before a race, often in front of the crowd.. Russian horses were bred for the army during the Soviet period

The Origin of the Expression “Piss Like a Racehorse” [2]

The Origin of the Expression “Piss Like a Racehorse”. When most horses take a leak, it is a dramatic sight, with the stream typically about one-third to one-half an inch in diameter, creating a veritable “river” of urine that seems to have impressed some wordsmith sufficiently to coin the phrase, “piss like a (race)horse” – today denoting a full human bladder that needs emptied yesterday
To begin with, a version of the expression was born sometime just after the mid-20th century. At this point, the combustion engine had long since supplanted horse power for transportation and other work, which is perhaps why there aren’t other variants that include things like “piss like a carriage horse” or “plow horse.”
However, the somewhat suspect source for that does not provide any information on where in said book this occurs, nor what the exact text is. Further, if this is correct, it would place it a full decade before any more readily verifiable documented instance of the exact phrase

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“Pee like a Russian race horse…” [3]

In Reply to: “Pee like a Russian race horse…” posted by Chris on October 11, 2003. : Can you please tell me how the term “I have to pee like a Russian race horse” originated? I’ve looked online and can only find the meaning, but not the origin.
If the phrase was/is simply “pee like a racehorse”, then its origin is more easily understood. All horses urinate visibly, audibly and above all copiously, and presumably this is an occurrence highly noticeable at a race meeting when the competing horses are led around the parade ring for the crowds to examine before the off.
Apparently, the Queen and the head of state were being driven in an open-topped landau to some function or other, when one of the horses pulling this state coach very audibly broke wind. The Queen at once said “Oh, I’m so sorry.” whereupon the President or whoever he was replied “That’s quite all right, your Majesty

Why do we say “I have to pee like a Russian race horse? [4]

I always heard it without the horse’s ethnic origin. Because race horses get alot of water, and when they go, they really go!
I just have to pee like a race horse of unknown origin.. If I have to go real bad I ususally say, “I’m busting to go”
I thought it was “I have to pee like a RUSHING race horse.” That’s what I always say. I have heard that expression and I may have used it–I don’t remember–but I don’t know where it comes form.

What does piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby mean? piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby Definition. Meaning of piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby. O [5]

|← Previous – piss like a race horse||piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby||piss off – Next →|. Definition of piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby
Usually prefaced with “I need to”, to indicate that one needs to urinate very badly.. I need to piss like a Russian race horse at the Kentucky Derby.
|Definitions include: to urinate an extreme amount.|. |Definitions include: to go to the bathroom and urinate.|

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piss like a racehorse [6]

An emphatic form of the earlier expression piss like a horse, after the great volume of urine produced by horses every 4 hours or so.. piss like a racehorse (third-person singular simple present pisses like a racehorse, present participle pissing like a racehorse, simple past and past participle pissed like a racehorse)
– David Sessions, “Does a Racehorse Pee Like a Racehorse?” Slate, 8 June 2007.. – “The Origin of the Expression ‘Piss Like a Racehorse'”, Today I Found Out, 21 July 2015.

What does piss like a Russian race horse mean? [7]

It means you have to pee really bad, and the phrase is ‘like a rushing race horse’ lol.. My understanding from what my grandfather told me when I was very young is the following:
But once it became a television event, they would introduce the racehorses, showing them on camera, and tell us what country the horses originated from. And it seemed that everytime they showed the Russian horses on camera, they were always peeing, or at least more so than the horses from other countries
taking the piss aka taking the mickey – to ridicule someone. if you speak sarcastically to someone, or mimick them, they might say “are you taking the piss?”

Etymology of ‘Pee Like a Racehorse’ [8]

And fancy hats, desperate bets and eccentric horse names have everyone off to the races. But if you’ve had to relieve yourself recently, you may have wondered where the phrase I’ve got to pee like a racehorse came from.
But pee like a racehorse may be more obvious to anyone who has ever actually seen a horse pee. If you haven’t, you’ll find that it’s quite the spectacle
The matter of racehorses in particular is still contended, though.. Some trace the logic back to an equine diuretic given to racing horses called furosemide (or by the brand name, Lasix)

Spinoff: Is it “Rushin’ Race Horse” or “Russian Race Horse” [9]

Spinoff: Is it “Rushin’ Race Horse” or “Russian Race Horse”. Spinoff: Is it “Rushin’ Race Horse” or “Russian Race Horse”
I gotta **** like a rushin’ (or rushing) race horse. Re: Spinoff: Is it “Rushin’ Race Horse” or “Russian Race Horse”
And for that matter, I’ve never really understood the expression at all. Is it because the horse has had to “hold it” during the race, so by the end he/she is desperate to go?

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pee like a racehorse – English definition, grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and examples [10]

– pee like a racehorse (third-person singular simple present pees like a racehorse, present participle peeing like a racehorse, simple past and past participle peed like a racehorse). If you need me I’ll be in my boudoir, peeing like a racehorse.

Why Do Race Horses Have to Pee so Bad? Fact Fiction & Causes [11]

Any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. If you have ever been to the racetrack, you’ve likely noticed the horses pee an awful lot
Racehorses have to pee so bad because they are injected with the diuretic drug Lasix shortly before a race. Lasix draws fluids into the horse’s bladder, which results in the discharge of several gallons of urine within an hour of injection.
Let’s dive deeper and learn more about this exciting topic.. Horses should urinate approximately 0.3 fluid ounces per pound of body weight per day

Like a Racehorse [12]

DGM of Sunny Side Up has written about her encounters with an evil nurse at the ER. Now DGM is a bit sensitive about me putting stuff she writes under the linguistic magnifying glass, so let me say that I wasn’t planning on commenting on this sentence, any more than I’d comment on most other idioms I come across
The phrase “need to piss like a racehorse” should be parsed [need to] [piss like a racehorse], *not* [need to piss] [like a racehorse]. In other words, racehorses have no special need to piss that other organisms do not
And what is that way, you ask? In a long gushing torrent, as you’ll know if you ever observe a racehorse pissing.. The only thing I’d change is his bracketing for the intended reading to [need to [ piss like a racehorse] ].

piss like – Translation into Russian – examples English [13]

Every morning at 7:30 I piss like a racehorse, and at 8:30 I crap like a pig.. Третий: – А я каждое утро в семь часов ссу как здоровая лошадь, а в восемь часов сру как африканский слон.
Послушай, я тут усыкаюсь, как мул, так что, сейчас я может задену тебя за живое, но…. I’ve never had to enforce it, but you cross that line, and I’ll slap you around, make you piss like a puppy.
Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas

peeing like a race horse [14]

pee like a racehorse(redirected from peeing like a race horse). rude slang To excrete an excessive amount of urine; to urinate for a long time
Can we pull over soon? I need to pee like a racehorse!

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pee like a russian racehorse meaning
15 pee like a russian racehorse meaning Full Guide


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