15 gw2 how to hide ui Ultimate Guide

15 gw2 how to hide ui Ultimate Guide

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Guild Wars Wiki (GWW) [1]

Players interact with Guild Wars through the user interface. The interface includes windowed panels and dialogs and a heads-up display.
The chat window is where you type in correspondence to other players. All server, guild, and NPC messages also appear in the window.
– All: All players in the same district or instance can read your message. Character names appear as yellow text, messages as white.

Dive into anything [2]

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The graphics looked phenomenal and I ended up with a shitload of wallpapers.. If it’s anything like GW1 you can also just press shift+prtscrn to hide the UI only while taking the screenshot.

[Suggestion] Add a “auto hide” option for the UI [3]

fabd.7026 Posted May 26, 2018 Share Posted May 26, 2018 I know the UI (skillbar, map, etc) is practically mandatory to play the game. However for those times you are just exploring and “smelling the roses” it would be great to have an option that makes the UI fade away after.
So much detail in the world that you never see.I configured my UI like that in EverQuest II and I loved it. I would get that little bit of immersion and focus away from all the bling of the UI.I understand in GW2 there are very few times you will be out of combat but I imagine this would be for map completion and otherwise off times
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Guild Wars 2 Forum [4]

Whenever I go to take a screenshot and I use key bindings for the hide ui and take a screenshot function, it never works, and the ui is never hidden. I do know there is a separate hide ui function, but it was still to my knowledge that the hide ui and take a picture function was still in the game
As a side note, I play on fullscreen windowed mode, and I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with it either.. So are you saying CTRL+Shift+H isn’t working for you, or are you saying your special keybind stopped working and you cannot remember the standard way?
The control shift H is working for me, but there is supposed to be a key binding that took a screenshot and hid the ui in the screenshot without you having to manually hide the UI, and it was my impression that this feature was still in the game, and I had used it previously in the beta to take screenshots. I just wasn’t sure if this feature had been removed, or if it was bugged.

Show & Hide [5]

Allows showing or hiding a specified category when triggered. If the category is already showing, then nothing will happen.|
The value specified should be that of a category’s full namespace (the same format used by the [type] attribute). The category does not have to be from the same marker pack which does allow for packs to interact with each other.
|TriggerRange||Determines the range necessary to trigger hiding or showing with the interaction key (or automatically if AutoTrigger is enabled).|. Unlike other behaviors/filters, these attributes, when triggered, update the user’s category preferences

Immersive Combat Mode for Guild Wars 2 [6]

Immersive Combat Mode cleans up the Guild Wars 2 interface. On Windows versions before Creators Update it additionally allows you to rebind your mouse buttons when the game’s Action Camera is active.
Warning: Modifying Guild Wars 2 through any third party tools is completely unsupported by ArenaNet and NCSoft. If anything breaks, do not contact support for help; there’s nothing they can do about it
I’ve done my best to ensure it doesn’t cause any problems, but there are no guarantees.. If you are updating from a 1.x version to a 2.x version, first delete all old ICM-related files in your Guild Wars 2 folder.

How to Disable Discord Overlay [7]

When you are playing a team-based game, communication with your other team members is very important. It is no surprise then that Discord has become a popular tool amongst gamers, as it is one of the best text and chat tools around
When you are back to playing solo, the overlay becomes rather useless and tends to be more of a distraction than a help. Knowing how to disable the Discord Overlay so that you can concentrate on your game is a useful bit of information to have.
You can disable the Discord Overlay for particular games or all games on your computer. Whether using a Windows PC or a Chromebook, the process is the same as the application is not OS dependent

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Hiding the game interface (UI)? [8]

This user has the following games installed: Sims 2. Everybody knows that if you capture pictures using “c” button ingame, the picture is not huge enough, to use it as a wallpaper.
So I wonder if there is a way, to make screenshots, without showing the interface. There must be a way to hide it, before capturing a screenshot..
I just want to use a screenshot of the character creation screen, where the head and face are shown up really huge. But there’s always that blue toolbox in the middle of the screen…

Any way to hide the UI, page 1 [9]

Haha, I just realized something very ironic! Ironic how? Well, ironic as in the game HAS a built in screenshot function. Anyway, every savegame creates a screenshot, right?
No spontaneus action snapshots with this method, but you can make nice shots of the scenery at least. Shoulda thunk of that last night when my breath caught, awestruck, standing on a precipice and looking down a canyon…
I noticed this every time I quicksaved…but I never got the idea to use it for screenshots

Tips for Settings in GW2 [10]

– Cursor Contrast: this is optional but we wanted to bring some attention to its existence. Low and High contrasts make it easier to see your cursor on the screen in case you were having trouble keeping track of it before
The default option is Off, experiment with these 3 and see what works for you.. – Thick Party Health Bars + Always Show Party Health Bars: Checked ✔ – makes it so much easier to see how your teammates are doing, which is especially useful when playing support
– Rotation Speed: Maximum – anything below max is just a handicap, and the default speed is really bad. – Field of View: Maximum – adjust your camera the way you please, but there’s no reason to artifically deny yourself the option to zoom out in combat when necessary

How to Disable Discord Overlay [11]

Discord overlay is a useful tool that enables you to use certain Discord features while gaming. When you enable overlay, you’ll be able to chat, answer Discord calls, join groups, and customize your gaming interface in various ways.
Fortunately, there’s a way to disable this option or choose specific games during which to display it.. This article will explain how to disable and enable Discord overlay, as well as how to deal with certain overlay-related issues.
– If the app doesn’t launch automatically, double-click on the app from the system tray. – Click the User Settings icon on the bottom of the window

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How to turn off Discord overlay [12]

We show you how to disable Discord Overlay for all or specific games. Discord overlay allows you to make voice calls, respond to text chat notifications, and interact with the Discord interface at a greater level than you normally would be able to, whilst still in-game
Disabling the overlay completely is very straightforward. After you’ve opened up Discord, look to the bottom left of your screen and you should see a cog wheel icon near to your username
Simply toggle off the switch at the top of the screen labeled Enable In Game Overlay.. Instead of disabling Discord overlay altogether, you can simply turn it off for certain games

How do i hide chat? [13]

i wanna hide chat so i can have an “immersive ui” for leveling. You can make the background clear, but idk if that would work like you’re wanting it or not.
that’s why I said, “If you want it ALL gone, then Alt+Z takes away the UI”. /run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide();MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()
Put that macro on your action bar before you run it. Once the chat pane is gone you can’t type /macro to open up the macro interface to get it again

deltaconnected.com [14]

THIS IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK AND YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY.. place d3d11.dll next to gw2-64.exe while the game is not running, optionally can be renamed to dxgi.dll and placed in bin64/cef/.
to reset, exit gw2 and remove the config folder above.. by default, holding alt and shift is required for hotkeys, t is the hotkey for options.

Range indicator for GW2 – Gaming Questions [15]

Hi all, (I only just saw this game sub menu damn my old eyes). quick introduction before my begging for help starts,
This was made to make the game feel more rapid but gives some like me a much better use, as I have bad arthritis in my right hand (yes im old lol) it makes my gameing life easier and so can play longer each day. Anyways I wondered what else I could do to make the game easier for me, so I wanted to find a script that lets me know if my target is in range, on the skill quickbar under each skill is a bar, that’s redish if not in range and black if it can be cast, i.e in range, so using a pixel & co-ords script I found the color that was blackish, and then googled my heart out to find bits of scripts to put a message overlay up when in range and for it to disappear when not (so much easier for my old eyes to see than looking for a very small red box)
Also I managed to figure out how to move the overlayed text but not how to change it’s font colour or the size of the box to make it a bit more flashy!. Ideally I’d like to have a button say the [ to start this and ] to turn it off when just chatting in game etc, and for the “In range” box to be neater/resized with maybe coloured text and the box not to have to flash like a nutter when the target is in range

15 gw2 how to hide ui Ultimate Guide
15 gw2 how to hide ui Ultimate Guide


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