12 Movies Like Idiocracy That You Should Watch

12 Movies Like Idiocracy That You Should Watch

The Idiocracy is a science fiction thriller comedy movie directed by Mike Judge and stars Luxe Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, Dax Shepard, and Andrew Wilson. The plot of the movie is about Joe taking part in a secret military experiment for being hibernated for a year along with another person named Rita; they were inside for almost 500 years. The military authorities almost forgot about the existence of these people inside and left them in stasis.

They were inserted in 2005, and when they came back, it was almost 2505. When they wake up after long years, they understand that the world and the people in it have their intelligence decreased, so Joe decides that he is the smartest one among everyone in the world.

Idiocracy (Credits: Disney+)

Land of the Lost (2009)

Land of the Lost is a thrilling American science fiction adventure, a hilarious film directed by Brad Silber Ling. The movie was slightly based on a television series of the same name. Starring Will Ferrel, Danny McBridge, Anna Friel, and Jorma Taccone.

The plot is based on a science fiction thriller about Rick Marshall, a paleontologist who lost his job and reputation by giving an interview on the Today channel, which went viral. He lost his career after 3 years. A student, Holly Cantrell, doing her doctorate from Cambridge, came to visit Rick, whom she was very much inspired by his old theories in time warps and experience in paleontology. She bought a fossilized cigarette lighter Rick was astonished after seeing the fossil, and she led him to the cave where she found this fossil;

he got his time warp machine he invented to detect the particles of a time warp with him to discover the fossil. They reached their destination in a cave where she found this fossil; they were led by the tour guide Will and when Rick turned on the machine, the floor shook and trembled, and suddenly, they went to a place covered by desert.

Land Of The Lost
Land Of The Lost (Credits: IMDb)

While wandering in the desert, Rick discovered that his time warp theory was correct and worked by the past’s artifacts and the different living beings like Tyrannosaurus and Sleestaks, a walking lizard. Later after there, they befriended a primate and learned about the sweepstakes. They discovered that one of these, sweepstakes Enik, was living in another dimension with a vicious Zarn who intended to destroy the earth.

Later, his troop started a mission to save Enik from prison and realized that he was the major global domination. They found ways to return using the time warp machine to save Earth from Enik and his army.

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Office Space (1999)

Mike Judge directed this American dark humor movie starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Gary Cole, Stephen Root, David Herman, and Ajay Naidu. The story is about an annoying life between employees and employers which is common in a world in which nobody wants to get in there due to the miserable days where they have to work for more than hours, and no one can question which is a hard phase.

No one stands up for questioning because of getting fired. People can relate to this situation; the protagonist of the story, Peter Gibbons, hates doing the same work at his company, and his routine-sucking schedule makes him hate the work; he wants to fire himself, but he strives hard to get rid of the job. On the run, he met a waitress Joanna, a kind-hearted person who experiences and faces the same problems in her job. So, he played a scheme against himself and tried to trigger his boss to fire him rather than resign himself.

Office Space
Office Space (Credits: IMDb)

He was irregular at the office and needed to be punctual. At 8 o clock started work, and he arrived at 11 o clock and sometimes didn’t even bother to come, but his plans were not working. Rather, by firing him, they gave him a promotion, leading to even more of a struggle in corporate thinking.

He became an expert in Initech company, and they don’t want to lose him. Peter pushed other employees and his friends Samir and Michael Bolton to eliminate the work. They were intrigued by Peter’s plans but were fearful about their early retirement at a young age.

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Serenity (2005)

It is an American space science fiction thriller movie, a continuation of the television series Firefly with the same cast. The story is about the firefly spaceship, which continues after the final episode. Directed by Joss Whedon and stars Nathan Filion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The Firefly television series was a great hit and impacted people. Suddenly, it got over, and the director wanted to rework the story again, so he made the movie Serenity. The storyline is about an interplanetary space battle that is so close that it can be in danger of collision anytime the battle occurs.

All the heroes stayed up in the spaceships, and there was so much noise pounding through our ears of the garbage lids and piles of pots and pans as the battle took place in space with so many moons and the solar system. There the alliance wants everyone to be happy and lead a good relationship among themselves, but a group is against them and starts to fight against them; the movie starts with River Tam (summer glau) being rescued by the alliance, but then after consideration, they found that she exhibited to all the alliance parliamentarians.

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Serenity (Credits: IMDb)

She is very capable, good at reading people’s minds, and can easily know their secrets. River and her brother Simon got along with the smugglers in an old damaged ship called Serenity, and there was the pilot, the captain, and the crew in the ship.

The alliance was trying to make the crowded planetary system realize the meaning of their life and contentment by distracting them from their problems. The movie is likely to be watched only by science fiction lovers and can be enjoyed watching it, but for non-fiction lovers, it is not suggested.

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Evolution (2001)

The movie is a science fiction, hilarious thriller directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Orlando Jones, David Duchovny, and William Scott. The movie’s plot is about a meteor crashing the earth’s surface in Arizona, leading to a new terrestrial living being that reproduces and evolves so diversely and quickly.

The investigation took place at the spot, and they found a blue liquid emerging from the scrap, a nitrogen-based microorganism that evolved from a cave within a few hours into fungi and worms which cannot intake oxygen; soon, the site was sealed by the US Army.

This microorganism started causing trouble; Ira, Harry, and Wayne were on this mission. They were found to be aliens, and the organisms looked different. A dog-sized frog attacked humans and aliens, affecting the plant and animal lives;

they found dragon-like creatures behind the house, escaping through the caverns, creating an uproar across the city. There were alien attacks across the city which led everyone frightened for not being informed about this news earlier; the creatures were in a rage and killed and wounded several people in town.

Evolution (Credits: Netflix)

Ira and her troop went in search to get rid of these aliens from town, so they decided to use chemicals like selenium, which is more toxic than arsenic. Her students suggested she use head and shoulder shampoo, which has more content of selenium sulfide that might kill the aliens;

Wayne fills a truck full of shampoo to destroy these aliens. There were a lot number of them that multiplied actively through mitosis, and it was so big. The plan was executed and successfully destroyed the monsters; the governor appreciates the effort of Ira, Harry, and Wayne, who did exemplary action for the country as stated as heroes.

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Fanboys (2009)

Fanboys is an American comedy entertainment directed by Kyle Newman and starring Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, and Kristen Bell. The movie plot is about a group of friends planning to have fun during the Halloween party.

They all have been waiting for this day to hang out and have fun with Star Wars fans, and there came their long-lost friend Linus who was busy with his life responsibilities and left the old gang, and now they are reconnecting. Later Eric, Windows, Hutch, and Zoe met Bottler, the only mature guy.

They had been friends for ages and are still crazy about Star Wars since their childhood Linus and Bottler had a master plan to steal a copy of the movie from Skywalker Ranch from their fifth grade until now, they got to realize that Linus had cancer the doctors suggested that he will not live more than 4 months.

All were so desperate that they couldn’t experience their long-awaited dream for the release of Star Wars episode 1. They decided to break into Skywalker Ranch to steal the movie’s print; so insane.

Fanboys (Credits: Amazon)

They started their journey and left for Ranch; they were on a mission to find a way out. They meet several people during the drive and ask them about the possibilities. At last, they reach their destination, and when they try to get into Skywalker Ranch, the security guard catches them. George Lucas calls the security guard and says that if they can prove themselves as fanboys, they will be freed without any charges taken against them,

the guard asks them a few questions, like a quiz, and confirms that they are fanboys, and he drops all charges. Later, Lucas was informed about Linus’s health condition and allowed to watch the movie alone. After a few months, they went on a trip and eagerly awaited the first Star Wars show.

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Space Balls (1987)

It is an American space opera science-fiction comedy film directed by Mel Brooks and starring John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, and Daphne Zuniga. The storyline is about an evil man with a dark helmet on space ball planet that tries to steal air from another fictitious planet called Druidia; the planet was so peaceful until King Roland planned to marry his daughter Vespa to Prince Valium; Vespa and her droid dot matrix escaped during her wedding.

The space ball planet was in shortage of fresh air, and it led President Skroob, a good for nothing order his dark helmet henchman to kidnap the princess of Druidia to force King Roland to provide them with the code of Druidia’s atmosphere.

Spaceballs (Credits: Prime video)

The lone star and his best friend, a half man, and half dog, try to save the princess from them, but the Hutt, a loan shark, is after them; in the end, the Schwartz is the only one who has the mighty force to harness the helmet henchman with the force of darkness. So, to help the princess out of this, they needed the help of an imp Yogurt and Schwartz. The moral we learn from the movie is consumption will destroy us all.

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Visioneers (2008)

The satirical science fiction movie directed by Jared Drake stars Zach Galifianakis, Judy Greer, Mia Maestro, and Missi Pyle. The movie’s plot is about Zach Galifianakis, a descendant of George Washington, the first president of America; he leads a hard life being a mid-level employee in Jeffers Corporation, a most profitable business.

The company’s main motto is to drive culture through independent thought of intimacy. Their company logo was a middle finger, and he gave a justification that it was the standard greeting in society when he met his friends strangled in stress due to workloads and pressure. He wanted to lead a different life experiencing this and make some changes to it; he suffers from overeating and dreams due to overstress, which might lead to an explosion.

Visioneers (Credits: IMDb)

After a few days, George’s friend Charisma is fired from Jeffers company, and he finds out that she joined a cafe and meets her to avoid being unhappy. They both suffer similar dream problems after she confides about this. They run away together. Later he was married and had a son.

They both leave him due to their unhappiness. Mr. Jeffers visits George to purge himself of his dreams and suggests he kill the things he loves. George goes in search of Charisma to kill her and makes a final attempt at intimacy, but she can’t remember him, and later she recalls him, and she begins to cry, and they embrace each other there, ending the movie with a happy ending.

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Sleeper (1973)

It is a science fiction, hilarious film directed by Woody Allen, starring Diane Keaton, John Beck, Mary Gregory, and Don Keefer. The plot is about miles from Monroe, an owner of the health food store and a jazz musician. He is frozen cryogenically after his death during his routine surgery, and he wakes up after 200 years in a dystopic future with America being a country led by the police. Two scientists were responsible for Miles being revived after 200 years under an illegal act;

America had undergone several destructions caused by a nuclear warhead, and a dictator later ruled the country. “The leader” Miles was revived from death to use him as a spy against a secret plan implemented by the dictator.

Sleeper (Credits: Roger Ebert)

The “Aries project,” which might lead to the destruction of this country; was assigned to this role because he is the only one without any biometric identity in the country. Miles addresses himself as a robot when he gets caught by the authorities, who are suspicious about his re-arrival without any identity;

they arrest the scientist who was responsible for his comeback, and Miles escapes. Miles meets an idle socialite and falls in love with her, but after revealing his true identity, she threatens him and says she will file a case against him, but he runs kidnapping her;

they fall in love with each other after several conflicts, and Miles is captured and asked to join the member of society, which he refuses. Later, he sees Luna kissing a rebel leader and grows jealous of her, later they patch up, and he wins her love back. They successfully infiltrate the Aries project, and start to live a happy life with the only belief in sex and death.

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The Time Machine (2002)

The Time Machine is about science fiction and time traveling, directed by Simon Wells and starring Guy Pearce, Samantha Mumba, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory, and Orlando Jones. The movie is an adaptation of a novel of the same name in 1895. The director is the great-grandson of the original author of the book.

The plot includes different romantic attachments that are not in the book. The movie starts with Alexander, a scientist at Columbia University, His fiancé Emma was killed in 1899.

He was madly in love with her and wanted to travel time back to save her, so he started working on a time machine, and later he created one in 1903 and traveled back and prevented her murder. Still, unfortunately, she was killed by another vehicle which he couldn’t resist, and he believed in the fate that by any actions and circumstances, she would result in death.

Then he traveled to 2030 to discover whether they had found any machine which could change the past, and after his research, vox114 in the library insisted that time traveling to the past is impossible. He travels to 2037, where he finds out there is destruction on the moon, and to avoid debris, he restarts his device and goes too far to 800,000 years. He reached a place where the earth healed, and only a sector of people survived, known as the Eloi people; he was nursed by a woman named Mara.

The Time Machine
The Time Machine (Credits: IMDb)

She knew to speak English, so she helped him to know about the circumstances after the destruction of the moon and about the Morlocks. This ape-like creature hunts the Eloi people, Alexander had a dream about a creature calling his name in his dreams, and he told Mara about this;

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she said they all had the same dreams. Later he saw a Morlock in a cage that resembled the one he saw in his dreams; Uber Morlock, a creature descendant of humans years ago when humans went underground after the catastrophe on the moon occurred.

The Uber Morlock insisted Alexander go back home and accept the fate that he could not alter her death; he left using the time machine, pulling him into the machine with him, and reached 635,427,810 years, where he met the barren land with no existence of Morlocks. Ultimately, he traveled back to rescue Mara, kill the Morlocks, and return with her.

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The Island (2005)

The movie is a science fiction intense thriller directed by Michael Bay starring Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Bean, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Steve Buscemi. The plot is about Lincoln Echo and Jordan Two Delta, who lives in a dystopian community completely governed by a set of rules.

They live in an isolated community; they are aware of the contaminated world outside and have been told about an exception island where they get a chance at least once a week as a lottery. Lincoln had completely weird dreams and had never experienced anything of that before, so he consulted Dr Merric, who monitored his cerebral activity. Lincoln went to the basement to clarify Merric and found some truths in the works.

He met a live moth, followed it, and understood that the outside world is not really contaminated, and they were made to believe the fact also the lottery thing was a system to remove the inhabitants from the compound. Then the winner was used for surrogate pregnancies. Merrick knew about his secret being revealed to Lincoln, and he escaped and emerged in a desert with Jordan and revealed the truth he knew about the outside world.

They went in search to discover the real world; Merric orders a search team to find them and return them, later they find out that all residents are clones of wealthy sponsors, and the clones are kept in a vegetative state so that they be in good condition to be used. The organs will survive if clones have consciousness.

Merrick summarises Lincoln’s dreams that the main reason is the clone transfer that happened years ago. The clone from one person is transferred to another; their memories are even passed on to another person. That is why Lincoln had dreams he had never seen and experienced before. Ultimately, Lincoln shoots and kills Merric to free the clones from him, and he leaves with Jordan and starts a new life.

The Island
The Island (Credits: TV insider)

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Paul (2011)

It is a science fiction comedy movie directed by Greg Mottola and starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, and Jason Bateman. The plot is about an alien named Paul being captured under an American UFO military base, and his efforts to escape and return to his spaceship are the crisp plot of the story.

The movie starts with Graeme and Clive being very much obsessed with comic books that they want to write comics but are always unsuccessful; one day, they take a trip to San Diego to visit the most famous UFO location in the country, and then they meet Paul in a black car. They didn’t believe it was an alien inside at first and founds out to be real and confronted it and realized he badly needed help and helped Paul to escape.

Graeme decided to give Paul a ride; meanwhile, the secret agencies were out searching for him, and the guards of the secret agencies were given orders to shoot down anything they found unusual.

The main motto of this agency with the alien was to use him to study him and to harness his powers by healing its invisibility; he was afraid to go back to them, so they helped him to contact one of his friends from another planet to come and get him, at last, they boarded him in the ship and left.

Paul (Credits: IMDB)

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Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up is a black comedy movie directed by Adam McKay and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Cate Blanchette. The plot is about Kate Dibiasky, an astronomy student who discovers the unusual existence of a comet near our planet and calls out to her professor Randall to learn more about the comet.

It was proven that in six months, the Everest size comet might hit our planet, leading to a great catastrophe and destruction, causing an extinction. The news was officially confirmed by NASA, which sent the planetary defense coordination head with them to the president to break this truth out.

When they passed the information, there were negative reviews about this, and people didn’t believe it. The shocking state of our planet made everyone make fun of them, which made Kate lose her temper.

Don't Look Up
Don’t Look Up (Credits: Netflix)

One of the president’s donors revealed that the comet has trillions of dollars in it, and they all believed it and planned how to use them; Kate and Randall were made National science advisors when the world started to question the arrival and opinions about the comet the government tries to shut Kate. In the end, the comet hits the earth, and there will be terrible violence and destruction, as predicted.

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